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Why Using Face Wand For Wrinkles Can Yield Magical Results

face wand for wrinkles

Aging is a normal process that we all go through in our lives. Our aging starts as soon as we are born. However, it is after a certain time that we start to take notice of the irreversible effects of aging on our skin, hair, and health in general. While this process is irreversible and bound to happen, the effects can certainly be delayed and slowed down. Everybody takes a different approach in dealing with this reality. Some people accept it as it is, while others take actions to slow down the process as much as possible. For the latter, a face wand can be a great option to consider. Using a face wand for wrinkles is an age-old Indian practice that is gaining back its popularity. This brief article will deal with all that you need to know about the same.

face wand for wrinkles

What Is A Face Wand Or A Kansa Wand?

A face wand is a face massaging tool that finds extensive mentions in Ayurvedic texts. This dome-shaped tool has been used for centuries in India. It is generally made of the material ‘Kansa’, which is a mixture of copper and tin. When this tool is used to massage the face it promotes blood circulation in the skin. The material Kansa also helps in promoting lymphatic drainage. This plays a key role in removing toxins. Since Kansa is a pH-balancing material, it also helps in keeping the skin alkaline and prevents all kinds of acne and inflammation.

Some Other Face Rolling Tools

Apart from the Kansa wand, there are some other face roller tools. They serve different functions and are suitable for different people having different complications. The most common face rolling tools are:

  • Ice Rollers – Ice rollers are face rolling tools that use ice. Rolling ice to reduce puffiness and redness is a popular method. They can also tone the face and tighten the pores for some time. And quite obviously, they can defenestrate all kinds of fatigue that a person might be facing.

gua Sha – An age-old Chinese healing technique used to remove wrinkles and treat the skin, gua sha has started to gain its prominence back. They can promote blood circulation and remove the dead skin cells, resulting in younger-looking skin.

Whether you use a face wand for wrinkles or not, you cannot reverse the process of aging. However, by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, you can decelerate the process.