Smart Circle

The nature of outsourcing dictates that you will inevitably have less control over how tasks are done. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have any oversight tools. A good sales company will provide you with access to contact, sales and conversion data so that you can qualitatively investigate the results. This is where Smart Circle comes into the picture.

Difficulty in transmitting “Company Value” : to ensure that a customer renews his contract in the years following the purchase of the good or service you offer, it is important to be able to transmit the “values” that positively characterize your agency. Obviously, an internal salesperson who feels an integral part of a “family” will be able to transmit your “corporate culture” in a much simpler way than an external professional. To eliminate this disadvantage as much as possible, it is important to choose partners who have sales experience in your specific sector, but above all it is essential to develop synergies with them in terms of method and work ethic.

Economic investment: quality, competence and results are paid for!

Unfortunately, hiring an external company requires a considerable investment.

Don’t forget to weigh the total value of the results you are paying for.

Sales outsourcing can have different types of approach and different levels of complexity. Generally this service assumes that the company has a strong brand, products / services well positioned in the market, and effective internal marketing strategies.

Smart Circle

If your business is healthy and has an efficient marketing department, outsourcing is a highly recommended solution to maximize results even more.

The service can also be thought of in terms of “support ” or ” coaching ” , for a limited period of time, with the aim, once optimized and strengthened, of returning to being an internal and integral part of business processes.

In these terms, outsourcing could be a valid solution for companies that intend to qualify, enhance and enhance their methodologies, with the aim of acquiring the right skills for an autonomous and efficient management of their business.

Outsourcing is a set of practices adopted by private companies but also by public bodies that make use of other companies for the performance of some services within the production process or during support processes.