When is certified translation is needed and when it is not? Find out here

certified translation

Certified translation can be derived into different meanings and sometimes it causes a little bit of confusion, especially when it comes to when it is not that required at all, however, have to understand when and why a certified translation is needed, it is very important to have a good grasp between the certified and the non-certified translations.

Certified translation

A certified translation is a translated document that comes with a signed statement from the licensed translator that attests the completeness and the accuracy of the translated document. The statement is also notarized by a notary public. Once a translation is fully certified it will become a legal record. This kind of documentation is needed if you see that the document is needed with a certified translation or that a translation that needs a certificate of accuracy. A reputable translation service company are the ones that are entrusted in certified translations only to their most experienced and also their best-qualified translators who will thoroughly work on the documents needed for translations.

You are required to hire a certified translator or a company in several situations where you are required to submit a certified translated document during legal scenarios like legal paperwork for the documentation used during trials and hearings in the court.

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Also, you are required to submit a fully-furnished set of documents for immigration application. In immigration, it is a key area that is a requirement for all applicants to submit a certified translated documents especially those who are applying for citizenship and residency of a foreign country. These documents are birth certificates, marriage certificates, college applications, and driver’s license. Applications to universities and colleges are usually required to be certified translated like the diplomas and transcripts depending on the university or college’s policies.

In business, a certified translation is also needed especially during corporate dealings with other corporations from abroad or international offices. Certified translation is needed to increase a company’s international scale. Documents like financial reports, contracts, and patent filings are needed to be certified translated.

Instances that Certified translation is not needed

There are a lot of instances that certified translation is not entirely needed, like your personal documents that are not required to be submitted for legal proceedings like your letters, journals, and other records. Also, website content is an example of an item that is rarely needed to be certified translated, while others are menus, marketing materials, HR benefits, advertising copy, newspaper, product labels, resumes, handbooks, and a lot more.

If you ever are in doubt about whether you are needed for a translation to be certified, it should be always verified with a company or an institution that have the expertise and knowledge about translation before you are submitting the paperwork to where it is needed. The requirements also vary based on the types and the purpose of the document that is needed to be translated which is why consulting an expert to this matter is very important to prevent any errors and mistranslations of the document which is equally time-consuming and costs a lot of money.