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When buying a shower cabin, there is a wide range of products on offer

shower cabin

What will I need? For example, shower screen, shower tray, automatic valve, cold and heat valve, shower head (none of this buys a way together and there are a lot of other scenarios). We agree that the purchase of a new shower cabin can be a bit intimidating that is why it is tending to offer packages, in addition to the individual elements, both for shower cabins and the showers themselves. If a client purchases a package, he / she will be able to obtain all the necessary components to install the article from a single view, we always recommend that these packages always be made with products of the same brand and collection, if possible, since in this way the probability that the products do not fit with each other will be smaller, thus minimizing the possibility that something could go wrong. Go to showerreports.com to learn about best shower head and shower head reviews.

What will I need?

Following things are must need for your day to day life.

Victoria collection shower

Shower screen

 Yes, you will almost certainly need a shower screen. The size and style will depend on your individual room size and shape. In this case, we recommend the Roca Victoria collection shower enclosures for their fixed design without rails and the quality of the brand’s own materials.

Shower plate

Again, you will almost certainly need a shower tray, unless you are reusing the cubicle in an old facility.

Shower trays are usually made of two types of materials: resin stone, or acrylic, although there are other highly recommended materials such as Stonex. Find the best shower head for you.

The resin stone trays are made of stone and resin, which is finished with a layer of resistant gel. This type of stone tends to be heavier than acrylic and is placed straight on the ground, being completely flat to the ground, usually without feet. They tend to be lower in cost than acrylic versions and are very stable if installed correctly.

If you wear feet these extend in height about 800-120mm from the ground. The disadvantage is that they restrict access in case you need to get to the drain pipe after assembly.

The acrylic trays are constructed from molded acrylic that is strengthened with fiberglass reinforcement and a wooden plinth. They are usually 40-50 mm high which gives a very elegant modern look to your bathroom and making access easier for the elderly or infirm. Get shower head reviews from our website.

Most acrylic trays can be equipped with optional feet and panels that raise the floor tray by around 80-100mm which is useful for installation on hard floors and allows easier access after installation. You can visit showerreports.com to get best shower products.