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What You Need to Know About Expansion Anchors

Know About Expansion Anchors

It is important that you know about expansion anchors if you are currently engaged in construction. Expansion anchors are considered as fasteners. They are utilised in masonry, which provides holding power. You have to know that there are two kinds of expansion anchors – pre-expanded and un-expanded.

Each type of the expansion anchor has base materials that allow it to work optimally. For instance, there are expansion anchors that can only be used in solid concrete while there are others that can be used in brick or block. Keep in mind that the holding capacity of the anchors is dependent on the quantity and quality of the base material.

What is a pre-expanded anchor?

What’s best about this kind is it requires less time to install. With this, the in-place fastening cost is significantly decreased. On top of that, it does not require secondary tightening. It comes in small diameters, therefore, it is only suited for light fastening applications.

You will easily identify pre-expanded anchors because it has a head, which prevents the anchor from unfastening or removed. With this, they are considered tamper-proof expansion anchors.

Zinc wedge anchors

What are the types of pre-expanded anchors?

There are different types of pre-expanded anchors to include:

• Spike: it is characterised by its “s” shaped configuration. This type of anchor comes in four diameters – 1/4”, 1/2″, 3/16” and 3/8”. It also comes in five head styles – mushroom, pipe, forming, tire-wire, and flat countersunk. It is available in stainless steel and zinc-plated carbon steel.

• Split drive: split only comes in one diameter – 1/4 “. It has two head styles – flat and round countersunk. For this type of pre-expanded anchor, it is used in solid base material like concrete.

What is a un-expanded anchor?

In the case of the un-expanded anchor, there should be a predrilled hole before it can be installed. It has many types when compared to pre-expanded anchors.

What are the types of un-expanded anchor?

The types of un-expanded anchor include:

Zinc Wedge Anchors: Zinc wedge anchors are popular because of its outstanding holding values in solid concrete. To meet every concrete fastening requirement, wedge anchors are manufactured in nine different diameters and lengths.

• Sleeve anchors: this is considered the most versatile of all anchors because it can be utilised in most base material like brick, block or even concrete. To meet the requirements of most applications, it is manufactured in six different diameters and lengths. It also comes in different head styles like acorn, flat head, round head, and hex nut.

• Strike anchors: this type of anchor can only be utilised in solid concrete. It comes in six diameter and different lengths. Strike anchors are usually made from carbon steel. This anchor is famous because it is easy to use since it does not require any special tools.

Other types of un-expanded anchor include Drop-in anchor, Hammer drive anchor, Single expansion anchor, Double expansion anchor, Machine screw anchor, and Lag shield anchor. These anchors are readily available. With this, securing one or more anchors is easy. If you want convenience, you can order online.