What makes Botanik residence condo highly sought by the investor and homeowners?

Botanik residence condo

A real estate development that is found at Hillview area in Jalan Remaja is the Botanik Residence. The real estate developer opted to buy the portion of freehold land at Hillview from Andermatt investments Private Limited. This piece of land will be developed for residential purposes. According to the analyst, based on the site area which is 4,046sqm and a plot ratio of 1.92, the approximate number of units that could be built is about a hundred on the tract of land.

Currently, the government land sales program has observed that lands that are on sale are insignificant. In that sense, real estate developer is exerting more efforts to look for a piece of land which is appropriate for residential buildings. The Botanik Residence Condo which is highly sought by the dwellers will rise in the Hillview area. This will be fully developed by one of the famous developers in Singapore.

Holdings Real Estate developer

What makes Tuan Sing Holdings Real Estate developer reputable?

Considering it’s absolutely good reputation in terms of real estate development, Tuan Sing Holdings Real Estate developer takes its pride to show its expertise in promoting quality real estate projects in order to bring real value to its colleagues. Tuan Sing Holdings is always keeping up a high standard of an allied structure. Tuan Sing Holdings is able to bring in constant and demonstrated values for it stakeholders. This real estate developer admit that employees are its greatest blessings and always look for acknowledgment through constant coaching and encouragement for its employees. The safe working conditions of the employees are given the first priority and most regard by the company. Tuan Sing Holdings contribute to career advancement and training favorable circumstances for workers.

Do you think the dwellers feel happy and satisfied in The Botanik Residence Condo? Why?

The Rail Mall that is found at Hillview and is a  wonderful place that brings back unforgettable memories of the historic KTM railway lines. There are many foods that the homeowners could choose. The Rail Mall is also the right place to have a calming afternoon with your friends and families. There are a few anchor occupants located at The Rail Mall such as The Coffee Bean Shop. Currently, the Rail Mall is more famous for its restaurant and pubs as well as the appropriate parking space that is available at the mall. HillV2 is a comfortable shopping center located at Hillview Avenue which is a  just a short walk away from The Botanik Residence. It still remains the first choice destination for many homeowners around the area to spend their holidays as there are few cafes and bars found in the development.