What is the ISO 22000 Certification and How to Obtain it?

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The ISO 22000 certification is the worldwide recognized standard for quality management and food safety. It was published in 2005 by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) as a step for the food industry to recognize safety and quality standards. ISO has representatives in more than 160 countries around the world that come together to publish business quality standards in all types of business sectors and industries.

iso 22000 singaporeThe ISO 22000 certification is not a complex standard for your business:

This can be achieved in three stages. The first step is an evaluation of the consulting company you choose. Representatives will visit their facilities, verify existing systems and discuss health and safety issues with their governing body. There are no penalties at this stage, and this is only an assessment of the current state of your institution.

The second stage of the iso 22000 singapore certification is the implementation. Your institution will have 45 days or more to make changes to the gray areas noted in the evaluation report. Some large companies hire experts to ensure that the change process complies with ISO standards so that there are no problems during the revaluation phase. Another important thing to see at this stage is that the new changes do not affect the work and the quality of the product.


The final step in the ISO 22000 certification is that your expert will visit your site again for a final evaluation. They will need visual and documented evidence that gray areas have been adequately addressed and that all other operations comply with ISO standards. After everything goes well, you will receive a certificate that identifies you as an ISO 22000 certified company. But the work is not yet finished.