What is the best time to take each supplement?

Energy supplements

The time in which we take the Energy supplements is a question that confuses many people, both beginners and advanced, mainly because of the fear of wasting the product because they are taking it incorrectly. Thinking about this, we have set the most convenient time to take the most popular supplements on the market.

Why Protein

  • When thinking about whey protein, many people automatically imagine the post-workout shake because the absorption is fast and it is at this moment where it is best used. However, serum is a source of protein like any other, and you are not required to take it only in post-training. Even the post-workout shake itself is far from obligatory, being nothing more than a way to feed at this moment.
  • The total amount (what you have ingested throughout the day), is much more important than what you have taken in the post-training. Therefore, whey protein can be used at any time, in any food that needs a protein supplement. You can always use the supplement in the post-training itself, if you prefer, but do not limit its use only and necessarily during this time.

nutritional supplement

Weight gainers

  • The famous hyper caloric or weight gainers are designed to help in the diet and complete the necessary amount of calories you need to consume during the day. Therefore, there is no established schedule to ingest them. Take it at the most convenient time, especially when you want to take more calories.
  • Extra protein doses should not exceed three grams a day and doing so can cause obesity and, in the case of excessive amounts, the disease may even appear. To choose a nutritional supplement you have to have knowledge about what each body in question needs.

It is also helpful to look at the institutions that certify the quality of the supplement.