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What is a cooking vacation and how to plan it?

What is a cooking vacation and how to plan it

Vacations are great for experiencing new things at a new place and they usually leave a strong memory in the minds of people. Usually when on vacation tourists and travelers love to enjoy new places, monuments, landscapes, cultural festivals, historical places, museums, markets and most importantly the local food. Food plays a big role in understanding a certain culture and their way of living. Therefore for a person who enjoys eating as well as cooking, one can find several cooking vacations in new and exciting destinations.

What is a cooking vacation?

This type of vacation is just like any other trips where one can visit different places but the main agenda will be to enjoy the local food and also enhance ones culinary skills. It’s like going to Italy and not only to have Italian pizza but also learning how to make it. One can learn new cooking techniques and participate in small cooking competitions which are part of the tour packages.

cooking vacations Italy

Planning a cooking vacation

Usually, these vacations are pre-planned by the travel agencies keeping in mind the customer’s demands and needs. Firstly, one needs to decide a destination of their choice and then decide on how many days one would like to stay there. One can either take small culinary classes which only lasts for a few hours or can sign up for the more detailed class which will continue for 5-7 days.


One should look for classes who provide other amenities too like meals, accommodations, a variety of classes and excursions. One should read the reviews of the classes and also ask about their instructors, duration of training and what type of food making one will be taught.

Taking a culinary vacation will not only make up for a great lifetime experience where one can meet new people, indulge into new cuisines and learn different culinary skills which one can use for both personal and professional purposes.