What are the Reports on Ransomware Trends?

Veeam Software

The pioneer in backup, recovery, and data management solutions that provide Modern Data Protection is Veeam, an American business with its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. It offers a unified platform for Kubernetes, SaaS, Cloud, and Virtual environments.

The industry pioneer in data security is Veeam. Veeam ranks first in the data protection market share with over 450,000 clients globally, and 81% of Fortune 500 firms worldwide use its protection services. The greatest brands in the world are protected by Veeam, including Fujitsu, Shell Corporation, Deloitte, Staples, Jose Cuervo, and countless others from every type of industry.

Veeam hired an impartial research company to interview 1,000 unbiased businesses that had been the victims of cyberattacks, and Veeam was given exclusive access to the research data.

The largest study of its type on global ransomware effects and data protection trends is the Veeam 2022 Ransomware Trends Report. The majority of analyst research is based on surveys of 200–300 businesses, frequently in one or a few regions. The Veeam report offers a previously unheard-of look at the most significant data protection trends now dominating the market.

Ransomware Attacks Are Always Present

Another independent research study found that 76% of the 3,393 polled enterprises had at least one ransomware attack. This study is called the Veeam 2022 Data Protection Trends Study. Businesses of all sizes were targeted. Large corporations (>5,000 employees) and small-to-medium-sized businesses (100–249 employees) both display similar levels of assault persistence. These attackers will not go unnoticed by any firm.

Cyber-attacks are frequently started by phishing emails, harmful links, or websites with poor security. Every year, the public’s awareness of these crimes grows. However, these attackers continue to breach organisations and continuously compromise their data by using the most typical entry methods.