What Are Fennel Seeds And Why You Should Care

Fennel Seeds

Spices are various compounds that are used to alter or add flavors to food. This is very important because the diversity and the richness of the flavor can make food taste more unique. Spices are a very big deal in world history and have been one of the reasons why world exploration were made. How do you think people knew the world was round anyway? In the age of exploration, it was a race on which developing countries like Spain, Portugal and so on can reach the spice islands faster.

Fast forward to 2019, spices are everywhere and although there are still species that cost a fortune, there are spices that are now way cheaper and are easily accessed. It’s even safe to say that in some countries and cultures, spices are necessary. Like pepper, curry, cumin, paprika, fennel seeds and many many more. You might have already seen fennel seeds and has been mentioned in various cooking shows, but what is it exactly and how is it used?

What is it: Its a native spice of the Mediterranean and has been known to grow in various parts of the globe like in India. Its known to have a sweet and licorice-like taste. Its commonly used for sauces and roasts. Its part of Indian, European, Chinese and German cooking just to name a few. And although it’s mostly used as that, it can also be applied in various ways like in cakes, cookies and many many more.

fennel seeds

You should try it: There’s a good reason why many people use it and you should too. It’s not ideal to be used in various cooking, but if used in the right ones can bring a whole new depth to the dish list roasts, sauces, soups and many more. The best thing about it is that it’s not expensive and you can easily source it anywhere.

Where to buy one: There are many places to buy one. As mentioned you can easily source these things in your local grocery store. But, you can also buy this online since it’s more convenient and you no longer have to bother yourself going to the grocery store just to buy one. But make sure that you buy from trusted sources. This Is because a good quality seed can make all the difference in your cooking.

Fennel seeds might not always be used in various foods, but there’s a good reason why many people are using it. That is because it has a unique flavor that you can only get when you use it. It can be applied in various cooking techniques and styles. From roast to cookies, fennel is perfect for that.