Value of Actions in films

Value of Actions in films

In the part of performances is analyzed, firstly if the actors fit with the characters, second if they qualify and third if it manages to empathize with the audience (I will take this into account when making the review of Everest ).

Scenes and dialogues.

In scenes and dialogues, it is analyzed if the film has memorable scenes, or with dialogues that can transcend, and perhaps make part of popular culture.

Although, the part of performances in Self / Less is disastrous, the film has several very, very well done scenes, which are usually those in which the actors do not have to say a single word, like the moment in which Damian Hale changes body, or some of the action scenes, that despite not helping with the coherence of the story, are visually well constructed. how to get top rated movies of world cinema.

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In the premise, it is analyzed what kind of message or reflection the film leaves, if it leaves any, not as it happened with the Minions, that the only thing left was a headache, after hearing so much noise from the pre-present in the living room. It is also analyzed, its impact on the development of history.

And well, with the premise is that I confirm the unusual contradiction it has in the quality of each of the elements that make it up. In spite of how bad the actions and the coherence of the film could be, it has a particularly profound premise that can be summed up in the following concern:

Would you be willing to kill someone to save your own life?

It is the answer to this question on which the second part of the story is based, but is often clouded by the constant and often unnecessary action scenes, which results in the audience being lost in shots and explosions, instead to focus on reflection.