Things To Consider When Buying an RC Truck

Buying an RC Truck

RC vehicles are basically small sized vehicles that you control with a remote control at a certain frequency and powered by a removable battery. It’s an old concept but it doesn’t mean that it’s dying. RC vehicles are so much fun that almost any type of terrain, whether it’s for sea, land or air, there will certainly be an RC vehicle available not just for kids but also for adults as well.

One of the popular ones are RC trucks. You see, RC trucks just like the real thing are built as an overall RC land vehicle. It can run the normal road, the rough terrain, the muddy terrain and even a mix of everything. That’s why it comes as no surprise that many people love them. But playing them and buying them is an entirely different story. There are things that you should consider when buying an RC truck.

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2WD or 4WD? 2wd or 4wd? In case you didn’t know the difference, 2wd means two-wheel drive (front wheel or rear wheel drive) and the 4wd means four-wheel drive. Basically, it means that that in 2wd, only two wheels work and can be controlled, the other wheels either front or rear are just slaves. Whereas 4wd, all wheels are working.

  • 2wd good for normal terrain where less power is needed.
  • 4wd will give you more control, thus you get more power. This is perfect for rough terrains.

The suspension: With normal RC vehicle, you wouldn’t really care about the suspension, but with RC trucks, you have to be. Sure in real life suspension can equate to comfort, but its also important as far as the maneuverability of the vehicle is concerned. The better the suspension, the better that it can be maneuvered, thus you can react quicker and you can easily make any twist and turn with your RC truck as you like. This really matters especially if you plan to put your RC trucks to the test in rougher terrains.

The power: RC trucks aren’t really built for speed, but it does help if you have torque when you need it. You might not want to push the speed too hard on very rough terrains, buy RC trucks aren’t just for rough terrains. Its an all around RC land vehicle that you should be able to run anywhere and if you need speed in normal terrain, say for any race competition, then a faster RC truck won’t be that bad either.

There’s a good reason why an RC truck is very popular and that is because its an all around RC land vehicle that is capable of working in all types of terrains. Although they are a whole lot of fun, not all RC trucks are made the same. Just like the real thing, it has unique specs that directly affects how well it will perform. If you wish to read more, check out a few remote control truck review in the link.