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The safer way of investment

shubhodeep prasanta das

Each person likes to do an investment for a secure life. The investment varies from person to person based on the convenience of the investor. Such varied kinds of investment can be made at shubhodeep prasanta das business where everyone gets the chance to yield a good return for the investment.

Investment categories:

Annuities are available in varied forms. They last until death or a predetermined time. They are available for premium payments for a specific time. They are partially linked to the market of stocks or even just be a simple insurance policy that has no direct connection to a market. This serves as a guarantee to get an additional stream to get income for retirement. They are at a fairly low level of risk.

REITs usually pay a high level of dividends which is the reason for categorizing to be the common form of investment. investors who usually do not want any regular income can automatically reinvest the dividends for growing the investment further. It is considered that the investment that is made in real estate is the costliest one as it indulges the investment of a huge amount. Investment needs to be done without any kind of loss.

Way to make money from bonds- when the money is lent the investor or the lender will get the interest for the payment done. Once after the maturing of the bond the lender will get back their principal amount back.

A derivative is a kind of investment; the contract is done in a form of an agreement to sell the asset at a certain rate in the future. If an investor agrees to buy the derivative, it’s like betting on the value of derivatives will not decrease. This kind of investment is the most advanced form of investment and they are usually purchased by the investors of the institution.