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If you are planning to purchase a testosterone-booster, well, it’s a big decision to make and there are a lot of considerations that you have to make especially that this kind of supplement has been tagged with numerous disadvantages for many reasons which also evens up the benefits it provides to its users.

However, there is still a huge percentage of men around the world considers in using testosterone booster in the first place. Generally, testosterone is a natural male hormone that can be both found in female also.

Testosterone is responsible for the male’s sexual characteristics such as the ability to grow facial hair, deep voice, sexual drive and muscle development.

declining muscle mass

Men use testosterone booster supplements for one reason, the declining muscle mass, the deteriorating strength. Men’s strength, muscle mass, and other male sexual characteristics start to decline when they reach the age of 30 and above.

The declining level of testosterone for men means that they are also prone to erectile dysfunction, loss of interest in engaging physical activities, mood issues, the inability to analyze deeper and other negative effects that is why men resort to taking testosterone booster supplements to enhance their male hormones and revitalize themselves.

However, doctors are still very cautious when it comes to testosterone booster supplements because its benefits also come with negative effects and in this article prepared by test rx 120, we will show you the pros and cons of this controversial supplement.


Unlike other muscle developing supplements and other forms of performance enhancing drugs that are mostly developed synthetically, testosterone booster supplements are natural which means that it isn’t made up of different chemicals that may be harmful to a person’s system if taken excessively. Most pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and develop testosterone booster supplement extract natural sources of testosterone that are usually found in the environment.

What makes it more remarkable is that they extract testosterone from essential vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc and from natural herbs and plants by extracting it concentrate and develop it either in a form of a pill or as an injectable.

Another proof of testosterone booster supplement is that it is safe to be taken which however has several side effects but not as hazardous as steroids and chemical based supplements. Most men can tolerate these side effects.

The most notable benefit of testosterone is its ability to build lean muscles and burn fat and also, the ability to improve a man’s sexual drive since this is the main function of the testosterone hormone in the male body.


The downside of testosterone is that it is not as potent as anabolic steroids that are used by hardcore fitness buffs and bodybuilders. It is designed to maintain a man’s overall sexual characteristics both physically and internally and it is not designed to act like a steroid.

Another downside of testosterone booster is that you can’t take up higher doses. Doctors prescribe a limited amount of testosterone booster supplement for an average male because it will result to overdose that causes shorter tempers, rapid hair loss, acne breakouts and could also trigger your cortisol levels that produce estrogen or female hormones to counter the rapid increase of testosterone in your body.