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The financial benefits of cloud computing

For many organizations, the greatest immediate benefits of cloud computing are economics . But there are also other benefits, which we will discuss shortly. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of using the cloud. When considering the economic benefits, a distinction must be made between using a public cloud and a private cloud . The first can be used immediately without high acquisition costs, while the second requires an investment for the construction of its own structures Veeam Russia.

Improved products and more efficient services

For most companies, technology is nothing more than a means of providing products and services to the final consumer, who often have nothing to do with the technology itself. For these companies, the more invisible and discreet these technologies are, the better. The cloud makes exactly this possible.

The use of cloud computing allows a company to pay less attention to this type of technical aspect, so as to be able to devote energy and resources solely to achieving the main objectives of its business . In this way the company is able to offer better products and services, operating more efficiently.

Think for example of a large chain of bakeries. To make this business work, departments of logistics, sales, marketing, etc. are needed. highly efficient. In this case, the use of cloud resources is particularly convenient, because it saves the workforce otherwise necessary for the management of own servers or data centers. An exception is represented by dedicated technology companies . In these cases, it may be worthwhile to implement and manage this type of structures independently. Although in reality there are private cloud solutions that are particularly interesting also for this type of reality.

More flexibility

The use of cloud computing allows for greater flexibility. The necessary IT infrastructure is immediately available and can be scaled as needed. This allows you to react quickly when new opportunities arise or potential risks are identified. Investments in IT infrastructures in a company lead to new technological scenarios, thereby creating new possibilities for the business.

Cloud computing allows you to react faster to changes in the industry. Businesses can adapt to the market without having to plan, approve and build new infrastructure . By eliminating these time-consuming and costly processes, the technology is directly functional to the implementation of the strategy.