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The Birdseye view of ASA softball bats

view of ASA softball bats

There’s no more excellent sound at a softball game than the crackling sound of the bat striking the ball and soaring high into the air. That noise is the same with solid contact with ASA softball bats. Baseball and softball bats aid as the number one apparatus of the national leisure activity in which leads the player to choose a quality bat to help improve the game of its utmost importance. So many softball enthusiasts would like to avail the ASA softball bats and would like to watch the ball come flying their way and would also want to give their very best crackling sound of the bat.

What is the relevance of using ASA bats in playing softball?

 ASA softball bats are usually tested to carry out within a certain greatest extent so that all players have a balanced playing field disregarding the bat they avail in a match.

This is due to any bat not certified by ASA is not permitted to be used in any ASA match, and ASA authorized bats always come with clear designated stamps. A restriction on the ultimate performance of a softball bat also guarantees the security of the players on the field.

relevance of using ASA bats

How are ASA softball bats categorized?

 Usually, ASA softball bats are split into two types of bats. One type of ASA softball bats are the slow pitch bats which are used primarily in games which don’t include a very high-speed pitching. The other type of ASA softball bats, the fastpitch bats, which are engaged primarily for games including pitching with more speed. ASA slow pitch softball bats are usually made from carbon fiber combined material. As per ASA regulations, they typically weigh between 26 and 30 ounces in weight and in most cases extend up to 34 inches in length. A number of accomplished ASA certified slow pitch softball bats have been discharged during this year. Players are more than excited to make use of this ASA softball bats which they have been waiting for a long period of time.

These are the most famous ASA Softball Bats for Fastpitch and Slowpitch:

Best ASA Softball Bats for Fastpitch

  • Louisville Slugger 2018 LXT -10 Fastpitch Bat
  • DeMarini 2018 CFX -11 Fastpitch Bat
  • Easton FP17HL12 Hyperlight 12 Fastpitch Softball Bat
  • DeMarini 2017 Vendetta -12 Fastpitch Bat
  • Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper 17 (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

  Best ASA Softball bats for slow pitch

  • DeMarini ASA Juggy OVL 17 Slow Pitch Softball Bat
  • Easton Ronin ASA 2017 Slow pitch Softball Bat
  • Louisville Slugger Super Z ASA Balanced Softball Bat