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Talecup: A Tryst With Reality

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Talecup is an online site/blog which allows its subscribers to have a brief view of a variety of different topics. It offers them the current situation of the issue being discussed in an individual post. The site has a very audience influenced business model and hence try to provide actual views or the bigger picture of an entire topic which appeals to all the readers.


It has around seven categories which cover all the happenings of the world and the country in a very brief account. The categories are:-

  • Featured
  • History
  • Humour
  • Information
  • Inspiration
  • Local
  • News
  • Today in History
  • Tutorials

All these categories serve individual purposes on their site and are very widely viewed by readers.

As the name suggests, the Featured category involved all the guest posts and featured writers’ content.

History is where the magic happens. Talecup has the maximum viewership of History, and hence the site tries to upload thoroughly checked quality content. It offers a right mix of modern history and ancient history which is pretty exciting to read.

entertainment content

Humour is a very widely differentiated category with entertainment content being put up quickly.

The category, Information, gives readers what they want by publishing more content about random topics which might be informative to read. It is an outstanding category which is mostly rules by tips, tricks, and techniques.

Inspiration category is meant to fill you up with the “can do” attitude alongside raising major community issues like race wars, child labor, sex inequality, etc.

Pokemon GO data locations are currently spamming a local category. But is soon expected to be upgraded to something more viable.

News provides a more realistic view of the current world issues. Burning topics like the refugee crisis, Middle East crisis, crime, etc. are discussed and presented with a more rational view.

The ‘Today in History’ category is made just for fun and is updated almost daily to give homage to the significant events that went down in history on that day.

Tutorials is a very well balanced category and if kept very well. The content posted is more along the lines of helping firms and businesses create a better web page or a blog and focusses on SEO tools.

Overall, Talecup is a very reliable and maintained site which offers decent content.