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Get monthly returns out of your investment

Long-term investments could always affect the liquidity freedom of the investor and so it is better to invest a portion of your money in sectors that return a certain amount even in the first year of investment. The investors are tired of waiting for break-even point and this takes almost 3 to 5 years in traditional investment options. Therefore, there is a strong need to find new venues for investments and davenport laroche container shipping provides the required platform to investors who are looking for an alternative option in terms of investment.

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Disadvantages of traditional investment options

Real estate is steadily losing its popularity as a best investment option because the prices of both commercial and non-commercial properties have gone beyond the expectation and so common people cannot afford to buy large pieces of land. Usually working professionals are only interested in residential spaces and only a limited amount of demand cannot drive the real estate sector in future. Stock market is something that still people do not understand and there is no proper way to ensure the transparency of the operation of stock markets all over the world. It is a place where only sharks can survive and these sharks’ acts as predators to the smaller ones. In addition, the banking sector is suffering from higher defaults from time to time forcing the banks to decrease the interest rate to depositors.

An alternate way of earning returns

When all the traditional investment options is returning an amount that is below ten percent of your total investment it is time to look into the opportunities provided by the shipping industry. Therefore, with the help of davenport laroche container shipping you could analyse the rate of return while investing in the containers.  The shipping companies cannot own the entire containers they are carrying because a ship can have thousands of them and each container cost them a decent amount. Depending upon the number of containers upon and the holding capacity of these containers you can avail monthly or quarterly returns from the company. In addition, you are safeguarded from the market risk thus getting a stable 12 percent return monthly.