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Choosing the Right Type of Weight Bench: The Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are planning to lift weights at home, it is time that you consider a weight bench. Many fitness enthusiasts never miss a weight bench because of its versatility. It allows you to perform exercises in standing, seating and laying positions thereby expanding the total number of exercises that you can do.

At the onset, it is important that you establish your fitness goals and needs. With this, you should choose the right type of weight bench. To help you get started, here are the different types of weight benches, advantages, and disadvantages:

Flat bench

As the name implies, flat bench is leveled or even. It is straightforward or basic. This means that it has no adjustability options but it can be utilised for exercises that require you to lie. It can also facilitate tricep dips and leg variation exercises.

The advantage is you will not go broke since it is the most affordable option in the market. The disadvantage is it is not that versatile because it only allows certain exercises.

Adjustable and FID (Flat Incline Decline) benches

The adjustable bench is also called dumbbell bench. This type is popular because it allows users to move into different positions. Basically, you are getting the same flat bench benefits but with added versatility, since you can adjust it in various angles.

You have to keep in mind that not all adjustable benches have this decline option so it is important that you check it before you purchase. Aside from the dumbbells, you have the option of adding a power rack. The advantage is you can do more exercises thereby enhancing your workouts. The disadvantage is you have to particularly know more specifically what you really want from a bench. For more information, check trainingsavvy.com.

Folding benches

Folding bench

Folding benches are adjustable. The only difference is that they can be folded into smaller sizes for easy portability and storage. The advantage is you can move it out easily. The disadvantage is it is not sturdy or not built heavy-duty. With this, it is not made to accommodate much weight.

Olympic bench

If you are after a bigger bar and plates, you should consider Olympic benches. Olympic benches are for those that want many options for attachments like leg developers and preacher curl pads.

The advantage is you can get everything you need for strength training through the attachments. The disadvantage is it tends to be bulky thereby requiring more space. If you have a studio apartment, this is not the ideal bench for you.

Abdominal bench

If you want a bench that will always decline, the abdominal bench is all about that. This bench is designed to give the abs a serious workout. Typically, abdominal benches are adjustable, which will allow you to change the angle or height thereby making it easier or more challenging based on your need.

The advantage is it gives you options to do intense core training. The disadvantage is it is not very versatile thereby neglecting other major muscle groups.