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Complete details on Payroll features of Paycom

Paycom is a human resources and payroll software company that offers talent management, talent addition, time and workforce management, and other services. This article is detailed Paycom Reviews on Payroll and features:

Payroll Features:

Paycom software enables you to set up payroll, run it on your schedule, and pay employees, as well as handle some of the more complex payroll processes, such as managing taxes and notes. Paycom Reviews payroll features, in particular, enable you to:

  1. Create personalized payroll reports by combining data from the entire Paycom system, spanning multiple years, EINs, and formats.
  2. Paycom handles the completion, compilation, and payment of payroll taxes automatically (and sends you a copy of each statement).
  3. Paycom Payroll Grid allows you to customize your payroll configuration by delegating steps to users, designating an internal process, adding employees, pay codes, and data sets, controlling the processing of manual controls, and more. Payroll data get synchronized across the entire system.

mapping files

  1. Employees can access their paychecks, deductions, scheduled earnings, and more via the Paycom self-service app 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  2. Customize expense tracking by using your business expense accounts, classes, and rules.
  3. Allow employees to track and submit mileage from their mobile devices by integrating Paycom mileage tracking. To customize your mileage rate add Paycom’s FAVR tool.
  4. To simplify payroll compliance, use Paycom’s full-featured foreclosure administration software: Paycom uses its app to reconcile payment amounts and calculations, balance all deductions at each payment period, manage and send payments and required documentation, and send orders to employees.
  5. Import mapped payroll accounting reports into your accounting software using Paycom’s general ledger software, customize the layout of your mapping files, and map data across multiple areas of your business.
  6. Handle expense compensation through the Paycom app and help employees to display expenses with receipt photos. Accept prices and have them automatically routed to payroll for recompense.