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Know the different types of washers

There are many different types of washers. Washer is a thin plate almost a disk shaped, with a hole in it that is normally used to distribute the load of threaded fastener like as screws or nuts. There are several other uses also of these washers too – they are to reduce vibration, locking device, preload indicating device, wear pad, spring, and spacer. The outer diameter of these washers are approximate twice the inner diameter. Washers are made up of usually metal or plastic. They differs according to the usage as, high quality bolted joints require hardened steel washer to prevent the loss of preload.

Types of washers                                                

Washers are mainly categorized in three different types – Plain washers, spring washers and locking washers. There is a custom manufacturer of metric washers too.

Plain washers– these washers are mainly said to spread the load, and it protects the surface to get damaged while getting fixed. They are also said to be providing some sort of insulation such as electrical. A plain washer is a type of flat annalus or ring, often of metal. It is basically used to spread the load of screwed fastening. These types of plain washers are generally used when the hole Is of larger diameter than the fixing nut.

Superior flat washers


Spring washers– these spring washers have axial flexibility in them and are generally used to prevent fastening and loosening due to vibrations. It does not allow the surface to get more tightened or loosen when they face vibration or any rough usage. These washers can be termed as the conical washers or cupped spring washers because they have a conical shape, which affirms the deforming axial force.

Locking washers– These types of washers prevent actions like fasten, or to loosen by preventing the fastening device’s unscrewing rotation. These types of locking washers are also called as spring washers. These are several like thread locking fluid, jam nuts and locknuts. These are the ways to prevent the surface from losing a bolted joint while there is some kind of vibration or extra pressure or any kind of rough usage

These are some types of washers. There are certain different subtypes under these washers too.