Strategy to Boost Brand Awareness of The Soul Publishing

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TheSoul Publishing’s portfolio of media brands stresses the positive, the practical, and the genuinely amusing, from handy life-hacks to creative craft projects, from head-turning beauty suggestions to brain-twisting puzzles. 5-Minute Crafts, Bright Side, 7-Second Riddles, 123 Go!, La La Life, Teen-Z, Avocado Couple, Frankenfood, and Slick Slime Sam are just a few of the soul Publishing’s well-known channels. TheSoul Publishing satisfies our viewers’ curiosity on various topics through a combination of live-action videos, vibrant digital animation, and family-friendly stop-motion.

The strategy

Two factors were critical to our strategy’s success. For starters, the nature of Pinterest as a platform enables the growth of channels like ours. Pinterest as a platform promotes publishers, such as ourselves, who provide a diverse range of visual material for people to engage with their ideas.

Pinterest also works differently than other social media platforms in how it archives content; it functions more like a search engine. TheSoul Publishing  allowed us to create a library of information that spans several pages and languages and can be viewed by Pinterest users multiple times.

Second, new Pinterest features such as a better video uploader, a new video tab, and lifetime video statistics enabled our team to gain the data we needed to grow our presence throughout the platform.

Existing elements were also essential. Idea Pins are helping to improve the number of views and engagements across our videos owing to their location (at the top of the feed) and duration .

business and organisation

The task at hand

With a growing demand for DIY material on social media, The Soul Publishing decided to adapt content from our many DIY-focused channels for Pinterest distribution.

We hoped to meet the following KPIs:

  • In 2021, there will be a 25% increase in overall video views and impressions.
  • By the second quarter of 2021, there will be 2 million total followers.
  • By the second quarter of 2021, there will have been 20 million Idea Pin views.