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Some of the issues with usual bras and how to avoid it?

Women bra tape

Perfect bras depends on having a perfect bust size and band size. Failing to have any one of the same in perfect size depending on your shape and size will result in an imperfect bra. Bra users suffer from lots of issues when something gets changed either the size or the cloth that you will feel comfortable in. Try Boob hold which is just pasting the sticker like clothes to help lift up the breasts to the desired heights.

Get to know about the issues that the bra users encounter with on usage and learn how to avoid the same. They are as follows,


  • Band of the bra when it is put on should not be too high or stand in a curved position but stand straight and low. Only then it will provide greater support in the front giving a perfect look for the breasts. It is very much important that the cups are smooth and soft and not be with wrinkles which will make a bad look in the front around the breasts. Make sure it is not pointy as well because the space won’t be enough for filing all the breast tissue and will get spilled out to make a bad look. If the cup size is not enough over time, you may get the next size as it will not be the same over years and years.
  • The straps available near the shoulders should be at the same place and not fall or should be too tight. If your bra has an underwire, then it is best to check if the same doesn’t have made any digging or pinched the skin because of being too tight under the chest. Use Boob hold to make the efforts of wearing a bra so easy and comfortable.