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Should I Agree To Lie Detector Test.UK?

Lie Detector Test.UK

A lie detector test or polygraph is intended to measure an individual’s physiological reactions when asked a question. The aim of such tests is to determine whether a person makes a deceptive or false response. Employers, criminal investigators, and lawyers used a polygraph test for different purposes. If you are asked to undergo a liedetectortest.uk, you need to consider your circumstances and always consult a qualified attorney.

Understanding Lie Detector Tests

In a polygraph test, the breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure, and perspiration of an individual is measured. During the test, only you and the tester are present in the room. You will be asked a series of questions before attaching the polygraph machine. When connected to the machine, you will be asked a series of questions. They will also explain the condition of the test and collect basic information about your physiological response. As you answer the questions, the machine records any physiological changes you exhibit.

potential employees to lie detector tests

Lie Detectors In Criminal Proceedings

In criminal investigations, it is the job of the prosecutor to produce enough evidence to convince either a court or jury that the accused has committed a crime beyond reasonable doubt. This is where gathering of evidence will come into play. The evidence will usually come in the form of a testimony, photographs, video recordings, forensic evidence and sometimes from liedetectortest.uk.

If criminal investigators are asking you to undergo a polygraph test, it means they are collecting evidence usually against you. It is worth noting that you are not legally obliged to undergo such kind of tests in a criminal investigation. Even if police tells you that it is mandatory or threatens to arrest you if you refuse, you still do not have to. Volunteering for a test is not advisable as well as there is no guarantee that the results will be accurate.

Testing For Non-Criminal Situations

Some employers have their employees undergo a lie detector test. This only applies to employees who have access to sensitive or classified information. If you are also being accused of stealing money, you may also be subjected to polygraph test. In addition, other companies submit potential employees to lie detector tests as a condition for hiring.

However, employers cannot use this type of test to screen potential employees or to fish for information from current employees. However, they can do so if their purpose is valid and work-related and the tests are narrowly focused.

Seek Legal Advice

If you are being asked to take a polygraph test, you need to speak to a lawyer even if you think that you did not do anything wrong.