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Scoring a good credit score

Credova Finance

The main factor that contributes to scoring higher is by tracking the history of payment that is done on time or not. Low balance of the credit cards, a mix of varied credit card and loan account, minimal inquiries for the new credit and older credit accounts as well.

How to handle the bill payments

Payment history, credit card usage, the age of credit account, new credit inquiries and the credit mix are determining factors for credit scores.

History of payment has a greater impact on credit scoring. For instants, it’s better to get paid-off debts, like old student loans, that remain on your record. If the debts are paid responsibly and on time the ball will be in your court.

Credova Finance

So a simple way to enhance the credit score is to get rid of late payments at any cost. The following tips may be of great help to deal with this problem. Seek professional assistance from Credova Finance.

  • The systematic filing to be followed can be either paper or digital, so you can track the monthly bills.
  • Due date setting alerts help to deal with the upcoming bills
  • Automating the bill payments from the bank account that you have.
  • Another option is charging all the bill that is related to each month can be paid through a credit card.

Opens the late or the delay or even the missed payments, higher credit card balances are the judgment base for the major credit score detractors.

This is the master strategy that can be followed to enjoy the maximum benefit of credit cards.