Relativity Media: Know how a music publisher company works

and complete music distribution packages for musicians worldwide.

When choosing a music distributor, you need to take care of some important things. You already realized that almost all providers provide the same component: publish tunes in the main online stores of the arena, distribute videos, promote and many others. There are additional or less comparable offers on the distribution of preferential prices that continue to attract (or reject) potential customers.

Things worth paying attention to

Some people brag about sending their music to hundreds of stores, in addition to those that let you know that there are very few stores that meet the criteria that are worth paying attention to. Question: Who can you agree with? Some may say that you will never know until you try. It is true, however, a wrong desire can draw you in a corner and tie you up. If your music is published through music distributors, it will not be published in secure stores. Therefore, you need to choose a trusted Relativity Media company founded by Ryan Kavanaugh for effective music publishing.

A much more complex problem is that you can never get a single record in your music sales, let alone getting sales. Could you please think if I warned you that this often happened, after sending sales reports to our customers, they asked questions such as “what is it” and “is it a little money that we have to pay again” etc. The conclusion is easy to make: many artists and labels have never received sales reports.



It looks like some statistics will be provided to you. The best music distributors are required by law to show all the details, however, they are also required to recognize all aspects and conditions related to the agreement promptly. Before signing, if possible. You must start a document tag or want to start your music. He wants to test the waters with his and other tunes, and there is no greater opportunity than to start today. At least you owe it to yourself! Today’s digital age and network have made that possible, so there are no serious excuses!

About Relativity Media music publishers

Relativity Media music publishers even have an online program in which you release your songs, as well as online training films on how to release your tune using software to make this technique much less complicated, including repeating a musical distributor as an example. Many of these distributors offer good customer service, in addition to the basic ISRC codes that identify your music and make it acceptable. Besides, they have a large list of digital distribution stores that they also use to distribute their song, in addition to a large number of record companies known for their offer.

Relativity Media offers one of the most innovative, customizable, and complete music distribution packages for musicians worldwide.