The construction industry is growing rapidly and hence, the tools for quick and safe installations are much in demand. Structural bolts are designed to be used with nuts for steel to steel structural connections. It is designed in such a way so as to allow the use of a single wrench or socket on the bolt head and the nut. The head of a heavy hex structural bolt is specified to be of the same size as that of the diameter of a heavy hex nut. These are typically short with a thick, wide head which helps in effective load distribution. The two primary ways in which structural bolts are used as follows-

  • Slip critical connections
  • Snug tightened

Structural bolts can also be used in pre-tensioned connections for structural applications.

structural bolts

Structural Bolting:

There are mainly two US standard structural bolts namely ASTM A325 and ASTM A490. We carry both A490 specific bolts and A325 structural bolts. These bolts are quenched and temper heat treated to exceed the minimum tensile strength. These are generally made from weathering steel materials like medium carbon alloy steel with additions of copper, chromium and nickel. ASTM A325 bolts are available in diameters ranging from ½ to 1-½ inches. These bolts occur in two types-

  • Type 1: It is made from medium carbon steel and can be galvanized.
  • Type 3: It is made of weathering steel and offers atmospheric corrosion resistance.

A complete range of these bolts in different sizes together with hot dipped galvanized finish and mechanical galvanized finish that suits B695 specs are available in our inventory.

Partner with BACO Enterprises:

When it comes to purchasing fasteners for construction needs, one cannot compromise with the quality. For supreme quality A325 structural bolts or other structural bolts like A449 round head bolts, socket machine bolts and concrete anchor bolts, one can always rely on BACO Enterprises. Our in-house testing and dedicated inspection practices can assure you of added quality. With fast delivery of quality products at highly competitive prices, BACO Enterprises is definitely the best option to source structural bolts for structural applications.