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Pimples After Shaving – The Truth Behind Why It Happens

Pimples After Shaving

Looking good and clean all the time is something that everyone is hoping to achieve every day. We do so many things and use different kinds of products, especially on our face, just to achieve this. For men, one thing that never goes unnoticed is shaving. This is one of the most important things that they do in order to look their best. However, one side effect is zits after shaving.

Shaving – Does It Cause Pimples?

Tiny acne and irritation commonly happens to men who shave, especially on their face. This is very usual for men who have sensitive skin and have coarse and curly facial hair. But why do this little bumps show? The answer is very simple. When we shave, we are not only removing the hair. As soon as the razor hits the skin, it also removes the outer thin layer of the skin which can cause irritation and ingrown hair.

Prevent Pimples After Shaving

How To Prevent Pimples After Shaving

The real reason behind this problem is still unknown. But no matter what the reason is, the problem can be irritating which is why there are men who try to shave less frequently. Let us go ahead and find out what we can do in order to avoid pimples after shaving.

  • Before you start shaving, make sure that you wash your hands and your face thoroughly. You can use soap and water that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin to make sure that bacteria is not present on the skin while you shave the hair off.
  • Use Shaving Cream Or Foam. Dry shaving is not recommended. This can cause more damage and break the skin easily. When choosing a shaving cream or foam, make sure that it is for your skin type. This may be an option since not all shaving cream is suitable for everyone.
  • The Correct Shaving Tools. Invest in a good razor or an electric shaver. Razors have a shorter lifespan. So before you start shaving, make sure that the razor is sharp and clean. Even the electric shaver gets old as well. When this happens, you need to replace it to avoid any problems while you shave.

The skin can be damaged after shaving. It can leave the skin unprotected and become vulnerable to the outside stimuli. This, in turn, will result in cuts, sores, as well as infections where pimple scabs will start to appear. Always follow the correct way of shaving, use mild products on your face, and always keep it clean to keep the zits away.