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Parental Reminders In Dealing with Media Violence

Dealing with Media Violence

Media violence is one of the most common problems that parents have to deal with these days. Kids have now free access to gadgets and this gives them the opportunity to access different media, even the ones that are disturbing. You are the adult so you have the responsibility to supervise them, especially the movies that they watch.

Children And Media Violence

Violence is everywhere – nightly news, the internet, video games, books, music videos, even in movies and cartoons! This is why it is becoming harder to shield their kids from all of these when they have easy access to most of them. Because of this 24/7 media access that most of the kids have these days, do you really know its impact on their young and innocent minds?

Even though agree that there is no reason for a nonviolent individual to act violently, it is believed that heavy exposure to media violence can also be considered as a risk factor for developing a violent behavior. This means that children who are highly exposed to these risk factors are mostly to behave aggressively too.

Managing Media

Parental Tips In Managing Media Violence

Parents play a very huge role when it comes to the psychological development of their children. This is why it is very important to learn how to deal with media violence. It will always be there and we would not be able to stop it from appearing even on our television at home. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Talk About The Consequences. Parents will always hear reasons from their kids as an excuse to let them watch these gory movies or playing video games with disturbing images or messages. Always explain the consequences of violence. Make them understand that what they are seeing can happen in real life, and how unrealistic it can be that people can get away with their violent behavior.
  • Keep An Eye On Their Media. You should know what they are watching especially online. If they want to watch movies, make sure that an adult is with them. Why not watch a film at home so you can supervise them? In fact, you can visit sites like https://0solarmovie.com/ if you want to find movies that are appropriate for your kids’ age.
  • Teach Them The Right From Wrong. Sometimes kids need to be reminded most of the time. They sure know how to differentiate right from wrong, but when they always hear your reminders about the issue, it will be engraved in their hearts and minds. Teach them that violence does not only mean physical abuse. Words can also hurt so they should know how to use them the right way.

Different age groups should be handled differently. You should know how to deal with your 5 year old and also with your teenager when it comes to media violence. Still, remember that it is important to guide them all the time, especially when watching movies at home. Never get tired of explaining everything to them.