No Regrets and My Best Purchase for the Kitchen So Far

Electric Kattle

Electric KattleMy kitchen is one of the few places that I can relax and take a break from the busy life.  I take very careful consideration of the things that I add to my kitchen because not only do I want items and appliances to look good, but I want them to be as utilitarian as possible. I recently bought an electric glass kettle and so far it just wowed me. I have very little expectation for this small and often taken for granted kitchen appliance. I have never thought that something so simple would have details that are so well thought of and very considerate to the user. I am so happy with this purchase that I am going to write a glass kettle reviews on this one. The convenience of having this piece as an addition to my kitchen not only makes my kitchen beautiful but functional as well. What I love about it is the inclusion of small, but well thought of details that I never even knew I needed, and that is a good thing indeed!

One of the things that are immediately noticeable is how well the glass kettle is packed. I mean the packaging is very sturdy and that is to be expected as the kettle is made of glass and notoriously sensitive to bumps. First thoughts were if the manufacturer is this careful with the packaging, there is a high expectation of the product itself. Opening up the product itself and the quality of workmanship is immediately felt and noticeable, there is no overlapping plastic from the molding and absolutely no rubbery and plasticky smell which I love. There is a bit of weight which assures you that Electric Kattleyou have a good and solid quality product in your hands.

Operation wise the item is very intuitive, Truly plug and play with the whole interior (water, glass and all lighting up for an indication of operation, Large capacity, heat-resistant handle and a neat filter to prevent calcification. The lid is secure and the kettle shuts off automatically when it senses that the water is boiling. The glass itself is non-leaching and crystal clear, allowing clear visibility as to what is going on inside. The handle has a button that incorporates the lid release. The Lid has what is called a slow open technology that slowly opens it preventing scalding steam from harming you. To top it off, the kettle itself is super easy to clean and stow, with a patented cord storage system in the base itself for easy storage.