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Who doesn’t love a freshly brewed coffee to start the day? It is the best smell we like to wake up to. A freshly brewed coffee renews and makes us ready to face the day. There is nothing more comforting than having conversations with our loved ones over a cup. The love of coffee must have created words like coffee breaks, coffee books, coffee table and Coffee Machines.  and avid coffee lovers are always in the hunt for a best tasting coffee maker.

The coffee machine is one of the most important parts of life for people who are in love with this most aromatic beverage.  A lot of thought should go while selecting this most important gadget.  The number of brands and models and types of home coffee machines available may confuse a buyer. There are certain points one should keep in consideration while selecting one.   These are:

best tasting coffee maker

Study the function and features of a coffee machine:

  • If the buyer wants to have a control over the kind of beans used, he should go for coffee machines with a grinder. This allows him to select the choicest coffee beans from the best manufacturers rather than buying the coffee powder off the shelf.
  • For people who like espresso should go for espresso machines.
  • People who are pressed for time can go for drip or French press coffee makers.
  • For someone who likes to brew 12 cups of coffee should go for machines with large thermal carafes.

Design and features:

  • The buyer should go for sleek and compact design so that it fits in the kitchen counter seamlessly with other gadgets present.
  • One should go for coffee makers, where if the buyer desires, can replace the regular carafe with a thermal one, which helps to keep the coffee hot for a longer period of time.
  • One should go for a machine which has the facility of pause brewing. This feature allows to brew a single cup of coffee before the machine has finished the brewing program.

Simple procedures:

The coffee machine should be simple to operate. There should not be a number of buttons, and steps to go through, for brewing a cup. The use of the machine should be hassle-free.


The appliance should be safe to use, even with kids around. The electric cord and plug should be of very good quality, to avoid electric shocks. One should go for automatic shut off function so that if one forgets to unplug it, the machine will not heat up and run unsupervised causing accidents.

Warranty and after sales:

The gadget should have a reasonable warranty period so that it can be replaced or fixed in case of any faults with the machine.

One need not go for the biggest and most expensive machine from the market to get your best tasting coffee maker, but should be guided by the kind of brew one likes, and can enjoy the coffee anytime one likes either leisurely or on the run.