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Licedoctors Provides a Vast Selection of Lice Treatment Products

Lice eggs, often known as nits, are attached to hairs that are close to the skin. There are three nymphal stages or instars between the egg and the adult stage, and the growth cycle takes around one month for all species. Lice are incapable of surviving for more than a few days apart from their host. There are many types of lice, but the most frequent symptom is itching. The bites of lice create an allergic response, which results in an itching sensation. However, it is possible that you may not experience itching straight soon, mainly if the infestation is mild. Are you a resident of the San Diego, California region, coping with a lice infestation? All you have to do is the phone or make an appointment with lice doctors San Diego, and they will send a qualified lice specialist to your house.

You may even check for their eggs in the hairs if you want to. These eggs are pretty minor and are a mixture of brown, white, and tan colours. They are difficult to distinguish in the hair from other colours, particularly if you have blonde or brown hair.

lice doctors San Diego

Lice products are available from us in a variety of forms. The items available in the online shop are the Terminator comb, licedoctors Sulfate-Free Spearmint Lice Shampoo and Conditioner, and licedoctors Peppermint Lice Repellent Spray, all of which are made by licedoctors. The items are non-toxic and made with the highest quality components, and the aroma helps keep lice at bay. Each product is available for purchase for $20.


For head lice to live, they must be attached to a human host. Head lice are no longer present after the hair has been removed. While cutting a child’s hair may seem an extreme remedy, it may be a feasible option for some parents under certain circumstances. Deal with head lice by eradicating their breeding grounds.