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Learn more about the healing wonders that fascia blaster can give you

fascia blaster

Women are very conscious of their bodies, especially when they notice any imperfection. They panic and find a lot of ways to get rid of these imperfections, like their cellulite developing around their buttocks, stomach and other parts of the body where fat tissues are usually concentrated.

Naturally, cellulite develops and occurs in everyone’s body, especially women knowing that they have a slower metabolic pace compared to men in terms of burning fat deposits that is why they easily get their cellulite to grow and become saggy. Although it does no harm to your body, women see it as an imperfection and of course, if you would look at it, it just simply does not look good in your body. Some even with strict dieting and exercise, cellulite simply does not go away.

A lot of women decided to get a laser treatment or a micro-needling treatment that is just too expensive, but with the creation of fasciablaster, they have now a much better replacement to these hefty and painful treatments.

What is a fascia blaster?

The fascia blaster is known to smoothen out the areas where cellulite usually develops. Fascia blasting is the method or process wherein there is a tool named after it is used to remove cellulite by using an all-natural solution which reduces the muscle soreness and also improves the blood circulation in the affected area. This treatment could last for a year, while some last a month depending on how severe the cellulite development it in your body.

fascia blasting

What is fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue that is fibrous in nature because of its collagen composition. Its main purpose is to protect your organs and your muscles at the same time. The fascia is also the one that supports your musculoskeletal system so that you can optimize your performance in physical activities and be able to sit and walk for hours.

However, not everyone’s fascia is working properly, and this could result to weaken muscle strength, impeding flexibility, and of course, it causes cellulite. The cellulite that is developing on your skin is the physical symptoms or signs that your fascia is having a problem which is why you need fascia blaster.

How does fascia blaster work?

Before you use the tool, you have to warm up your muscles by either getting a hot shower, damping a heating pad or go to a sauna or a short exercise. The next step is to apply any lubricant, preferably lotion or oil in the area that you want to be fascia blasted.

It is called fascia blasting because the repeated massaging motion causes your fascia to stretch again, thus the term explode because the cellulite begins to disappear in just a matter of several sessions.