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Leader Engaged In Creative Movements

Alexei Orlov

Alexei is the founder and global CEO of mtm worldwide. He is a specialist in global marketing and international business leadership strategy in marketing development. A special for skilled delivering high precision brand media optimization and activation mtm is excepting to add a further specialist agency to its portfolio by the end. Alexei Orlov’s experience with 40 countries, 50 brands, and 30 years’ choice is to develop 3 unique services platforms capability will be in-market before close.

More About Alexei Orlov

The company has more than 150 local & international clients through its offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and soon to be open in shanghai. He was the senior advisor to the CEO, and chairman of DAS, an international division of Omnicom also served as global CEO of RAPP, one of the world largest CRM groups, and the leader of global strategic lead for international automative business he served at the global digital specialist agency and became president at Wunderman for 8 years (Europe)he was responsible for the overall Marketing & brand for the positioning Volkswagen brands across ASEAN & Greater China.

Alexei Orlov

Winding Up

Before Wunderman, Alexei Orlov owned MCW and ROCQM that were specialists in brand strategy. Alexei was director of the global brand communications pf Volvo cars & marketing director of Volvo. He was the youngest to be appointed as a director position at Avon, where he served as a Cosmetic retailer marketing director of Avon (Europe). He was also the founder of the highly successful retail group.

The first job he had after leaving was in the field of merchandising. It allows him to develop his exercise with a creative side while. He was also allowed to engage in the operational side of the business as much as he was involved in the creative movement.