Of course, a bad architect or foreman can be expensive. But the wrong choice of a construction company, coupled with a series of bad decisions, can literally ruin you, leaving you hanging and throwing all your ground. But hey, do not skip all the alarms. Obviously this is not normal since fortunately in Spain we have many and very good construction companies. Although that yes, go away with a lot of eye because there are also informal construction companies, insolvent and scammers.

informal construction


  • It is likely that this factor is not among your highlights. But remember that you will have to deal with this company for the next 6-12 months.
  • Can you imagine having to treat every week of the year with someone you would like to strangle?
  • I have been a first-person spectator of a similar situation and, as you can imagine, it did not end happily either for the builder or for the humble promoter.
  • It is more than advisable that the relationship with the builder be friendly and fluid regardless of the price. Moreover, if the price is very low, it is the most normal thing to start discomforts on your part soon and, with it, an accumulation of rough edges that can end badly.


We finally arrive at the price. Construction in Malibu  Although it has seemed to you, I have not wanted to underestimate the importance of the price when choosing your builder. Rather I want you to understand that selecting it exclusively in terms of price, especially if you do not have building knowledge, can be fatal. And I will explain

Well looked, thoroughly reviewing the budget, and stating that they are offering exactly the same qualities and quantities … looking at the price can save you a lot of money.

But think that if the price is very low, something strange is happening. Remember that nobody in this world gives pesetas hard. And if you do not believe it, think about the reckless demise of public contests.