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How to Protect your Shower and your Shower Heads

Protect your Shower and your Shower Heads

Taking a shower is part of the daily routine. But when your shower is interrupted, this can ruin your mood for a whole day.

Is your shower head blasts little water, unlike the way it used to? Does it trickles? If you suspect that something’s wrong with the shower head, chances there might be some nasty situations you never knew about. One of the best and effective ways to turn your shower head the way it’s used to be is to clean it. As simple as that, you’ll be squeaky clean all the time.

Protect your Shower

Deep Soak

One of the ideal cleaning solutions that can be found in your kitchen is the vinegar. Soaking the device in a vinegar remove gunks which have settled on some surfaces. Carefully disassemble your shower head and submerge it in a safe and risk-free vinegar solution for roughly two hours; then make sure to rinse it with hot water. You can smell it every after rinse to guarantee that the vinegar’s odor doesn’t linger. Once done, install the device and place it the way like exactly how it looks before you removed it.

Alternatively, find a cleaning product which is safe for the shower heads. There are loads of commercial cleaning out there. (Just find the good stuff, though).

Clean nozzles

While you’re after the best shower head, take cleanliness into account. A lot of shower heads have a rubber nozzle where water flows. All you need to do is to rub nozzles with a toothbrush or a finger to loosen some nasty elements, and carefully run hot water for a couple of minutes until there’s nothing left on the nozzle.

Important note: Excessive cleaning with the use of potent chemicals can leave a serious damage on the shower head and might adversely affect its functionality. It’s wise to exert enough effort to prevent nasty marks and scratches.

Keep filter screen buildup-free

To clean the filter screens, reading the instruction manuals is often the right thing to do. But if you didn’t keep your manual, don’t panic! The good thing is we have the Internet that allows us to learn some ideas, especially when you contact the website of the chosen brand. Apart from flushing persistent buildup, you could also use a toothbrush to remove the mineral deposits.

And while reading shower head reviews help you attain clarity on what to look for in a material, it’s equally important to be responsible with the use of the device. Caring for it not only protects your family but can help save more money and time in the long run.

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