How to Identify Value and Price of Old Coins?

Old coins are tough to identify or put values and prices on in case you do not know what this coin is called. There are a few things to know like is your coin made from gold or silver? What country is your old coin from and are inscriptions in English and other foreign language? Is it worn that it’s hardly identifiable or does your coin appear brand-new? Is it the real coin or a kind of gaming and trade token? At, we will help you out in finding the right value of your coin.

All these questions can confuse anyone who’s not much familiar with hobby of the numismatics called as coin collecting. But, if you take the logical approach to the task at your hand, it will be very enjoyable and you may find the rare & valuable coin with you.

Identify Coins You Have

First step to find out what the coins are worth will be identifying them. Suppose they’re from the US, you will check US Old Coins chart. If old and rare coin you have is from the United States is not on a chart, it’s probably the commemorative coin, instead of circulating coin.

Old Coins That Cannot Get Identified

All old coins are not easy to identify by using methods. In such case, you will have the token, round, and pattern, that resemble coins. Type inscriptions you will read in the search engine. As the general rule, if old coin does not have the country name or denomination on it, probably it is not the official government coin. And it will be tough to learn about the unofficial coins as only few people collect it, so they are generally not worth much money.

The private mints across the world have minted tokens & fantasy coins. These aren’t the official coins that are issued by the government; however they still might have a little value.