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How to Decide on the Exact Wall Sconce For You

Exact Wall Sconce For You

Ordinarily, you adorn an empty wall space in your home with art, mirrors, frames, and other kinds of wall decor. On one hand, if you notice that the said area is dim and is in serious need of lighting fixtures, then maybe a wall sconce is what you need.

In ancient history, wall sconces were once used to hold candles. Nowadays, it is a classy form of wall-mounted lighting. While it brightens up a room, it also helps to save floor space and enhances your interior design. Interestingly, this kind of wall lights is suitable for modest spaces such as entryways, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Continue to read this article to completely understand sconces and to guide you on how to decide on the exact wall light for you.

using LED sconces

Role of wall sconce

The wall sconces deliver a variety of lighting effects since it comes in various shapes and sizes. If you want flexible lighting in your bedroom to suit your mood, you can install dimmable sconces to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Meanwhile, installing wall sconces in the dining or living room can highlight artworks, set a party atmosphere, or even create a romantic environment.  Besides that, in using LED sconces, it can lower down your energy costs.

Different kinds of wall sconces

As explained earlier, sconces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In assessing the type of wall light to install, consider the effect you want to make in the space. Do you want the area to appear intimate, larger, or simply balanced? In this section, we have round up several kinds of wall sconces you can use. Furthermore, to fully appreciate the effects of these light fixtures you may see sconces that can be bought here.

  • Swing Arm

A type of light fixture that is adjustable. You can smoothly swing the arm to where you need to focus the light. These wall sconces are suitable for spaces where flexible lighting is essential such as reading areas, bedside, and lastly nurseries.

  • Armed

This type of wall light can be mounted up or down depending on the purpose of your lighting. Armed sconces are ideal to install in entryways, hallways, and in massive spaces like living rooms. Moreover, in precisely positioning your sconce, it can set a dramatic effect in your area. Positioning the light fixture upward will make your space appear substantial. Meantime, pointing it downward softens the glow which is suitable for bathrooms and dining room use.

  • Candle

The first and traditional type of light fixture. It has a variety of styles, however, it is prevalently rustic and vintage which alludes to its ancient history and class. Although the original candle sconce holds candles and shades, presently the modern candle fixture features light bulbs that are made to look like candles. As a result, it generates minimal light that brings an intimate mood in the room.

Guide to choosing the right wall light

With the wall sconces coming in traditional, contemporary, rustic, and modern design, you need to consider the style of the room before deciding to install the right one. If you are leaning towards more contemporary and modern designs, you can examine sample light fixtures that can be bought here.

Aside from the design, wall sconces also come in varying shades. You can opt for glass, fabric, curved, and cylindrical shades. If you prefer glass, you can choose from a variety of clear, frosted, amber, and white opal etched glass.

As wall lights are also considered decorative fixtures, take note to select a sconce finish that will complement your space. The standard wall sconces finish are satin nickel, brushed nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and antique bronze.