How Much Does a Carpenter Earn

Furthermore, information technology also becomes necessary in the case of the use of large woodworking machinery, which today are precisely managed by computers. It should also be added that the carpenter is a communicator, because he must continuously interface with customers, suppliers or companies, understand their needs and also grasp any changes in the course of work, in fact, he must know how to manage customers who sometimes they make impossible requests, without however losing them handyman jobs in Scarborough, ME.

In the end, With the rediscovery of wood, and with the need to save, the carpenter is today a figure in great demand not only by private customers but also by companies. In fact, the trend of sustainable construction must also be considered, which has made wood the most popular construction material, and therefore the specialized carpenter a figure in great demand. This, of course, pushes up the salary also due to a lack of competition on today’s market, those who have been able to guess the trend, today work quietly both as a freelancer, with their own craft and woodworking shop, and as a corporate employee.

Let’s see how much a carpenter earns. In the case of the freelancer it is very difficult to give an answer, since everything depends on the amount of work and the fame and experience of the carpenter. Usually, a carpenter works by the hour and takes about 20 euros, according to statistical measurements, this figure leads to an average annual earnings of about 36,000 euros. They earn around 25,000 euros, correlated to an hourly wage of around 15 euros.

Wanting to deepen the discussion on the remuneration of carpenters employed in a company, the monthly salary ranges from 1,500 euros to 1,700 euros, while in the case of apprentice carpenters in the workshops, initially the salary received is around 700 euros. Finally, it should be emphasized that an Italian carpenter can find enormous professional outlets abroad, for example, a professional carpenter earns an average of 2,400 euros per month.