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Handy Tips On Caring For Your Canopy Fabrics At Home

American Tent

If you are interested in buying your tent for events at home, then it is also imperative that you learn how to care for them on your own. Purchasing a party tent is an investment. And of course, you want to make it last and use it over and over again. To make sure that they last for years, then you have to follow the tips below in providing the best care for your canopies and tents that you purchased from American Tent.

American TentWhen it comes to fabric care, it involves washing, drying, folding, and repairing. Here’s what you can do:

Washing The Tent Fabric

When cleaning the canopy fabric, you must read the manufacturers’ manual. Usually, you will only need warm and soapy water. You can also use dish detergents if you need to remove heavy stains. Never use bleach on your canopy fabric because it can cause discolouration. Before you set it to dry, wash the soap off using a garden hose.

Drying The Tent Fabric

You have to make sure that the tent fabric is completely dry before you put it in the storage. With the fabric touching the ground, it can be detrimental to the material. You can use the bed of your pickup truck or even a clothesline to dry the fabric. You have to allow light and air to hit the fabric. This way, mould and mildew will be avoided.

Folding The Tent Fabric

When folding the tent fabric, it should be along the creases and the folds. This way, you can retain the natural shape of the fabric. Avoid bunching it into the storage bags. Its folds will extend the longevity of the tent fabric.

Repairing Tips

You can never avoid tears and snags. If you notice them, you have to fix it as soon as possible. If not, they will continue to rip and create more damage. To prepare for such instances, you should have a repair kit ready. In most cases, tent manufacturers have their repair kits. But if not, you have to consider using a patch or seam sealer.

What To Avoid When Using Party Tents

You always have to remember that party tents are temporary. Yes, they are sturdy, but they are not as durable as a permanent structure. Some can stand extreme weather conditions, while others are cannot. If you have pop up tents, avoid using them on areas prone to strong winds. They can blow over, which can result in potential injuries and damages.

If it’s raining, never let water pool on top of the canopy. The fabric will stretch to its limit, but it can cause damage to the frames and poles. If there’s too much lightning, never keep it up. They are not strong enough for this kind of weather. Lastly, your tents are not strong enough to hold too much snow buildup. Check your users’ manual to know the snow ratings from the manufacturer.