Hamed Wardak- A Philanthropist, An Entrepreneur And Much More

Role as a contributing Author

A person who was born in Kabul, Afghanistan.Hamed Wardak spent his years in Pakistan as well as the United States. He was a Rhodes Scholar from the United States Of America. Rhodes Scholar is one who is elected to study from Oxford University. Since he was a scholar from the USA and has a great experience in education, he returned to Afghanistan during the civil war and helped the needy ones in the Afghan civil war. In the early stage of his career, he did the job at mergers as well as acquisitions in New York. From 2004-05, Hamed Wardak worked in Technologists Inc. as a director in international operations.The firm acted as a contractor for the US. It acted as a link between USAID and the defense department of the US. Since Hamed worked there as a director in International operations, the firm benefited a lot under his leadership. Under his leadership, the firm also built several contracts that benefitted Afghanistan.

Humanitarian works of Hamed Wardak

Apart from the role of technologists, Hamed Wardak was also a part as well as the founder of CUSAP ( Campaign For A US-Afghanistan partnership). The CUSAP was formed as a not for profit organization to uplift the citizen’s contribution in America as well as Afghanistan. Wardak and the CUSAP took the building of canals and bridges that will result in improving the facilities of transportation. The USAID, UNCF, and the world bank were major sources of finance.

Role as a contributing Author

Role as a contributing Author

Hamed Wardak was a philanthropist and loved humanity. During his contributions to Afghanistan, he sometimes contributed his thoughts to one of the leading Huffington Post.

Role As an entrepreneur

Currently, Hamed Wardak is a President as well as the CEO of NCL. NCL is an Indian origin public company that deals with Cruise ships.

Interest in music

Hamed Wardak agrees with music being the universal language. Apart from working for humanity and the need of other persons, Hamed Wardak found a new way to reach people i.e. he performs some musical events. He found that music is a language that soothes people’s minds and gives a sense of relaxation. He performs the musical events under the banner “Valen Of Wicked”. Hamid makes music and performs them. The music or the songs are generally related to the Hope and also some of the negative moments that are related to his life.