Everything you should learn about synthetic urine for drug tests in this post

synthetic urine for drug tests

It sounds crazy, but it is true that synthetic urine or fake pee can actually nose out drug tests, and in fact, the process of using fake pee to pass a drug test can be something to consider very popular to many especially that more and more people are getting hooked up to using marijuana for both medical and recreational use nowadays.

Of course, when you consume cannabis on a regular basis, the last thing that you want to do is rely on your own pee to pass a drug test which is actually having your back against the wall, however, in reality, drug tests are not just a common problems for potheads, but, for first-timers or occasional smokers, marijuana can still be detected in their system for more than a week, and it is proven to be difficult to give an exact length of time that the marijuana is still present in the system, since the number depends from person to person and also depending on various factors, however, on a more natural state, drug testing is a big hindrance for regular potheads because there is a big possibility that they will test positive.

A lot of cannabis users are relying on synthetic urine to pass drug tests that incorporate urine in finding traces of tetrahydrocannabinol which is the crystalline compound and the main active ingredient of cannabis or marijuana. THC and its metabolites are stored in our body for a long period of time and are usually deposited in our fat tissue which is very stubborn to be detoxified without using detoxifying drinks, exercise, diet, and abstinence which is why a lot of people are using fake pees to pass drug tests.

fake pee

However, using fake pee nowadays are harder to get away with considering that a lot of drug testing companies are now more aware of this kind of practice by implementing stricter supervision, and also laboratories are now more keen on improving its ability to test if the urine really comes from a human body or it is completely synthetic.

But wait, there is nothing to worry about because there is still good news above all of this stuff coming out, because there is still a big possibility to pass a drug test using fake pee, all you need to know is the right way to do it. Care to listen? Continue reading this article and find out how to use it the best and most effective way.

There is no exact method of passing a drug test using fake pee, all you need to do is determine its components, and determine the best option out there to make it effective.

The four components that you should look for in determining a good-quality and hard to trace fake pee is its color, its creatinine level, the temperature of the pee, and its pH level or acidity, however, this does not guarantee you that you are free from risks during the drug test considering that you have to smuggle it at the laboratory or at the testing facility first before you can use it.

Also, since the market has tons of brands of synthetic urine manufacturers, you have to consider some key things to buy the best option out there like its uric acid, a legitimate seller, the temperature of the pee, and its shelf life. Do you want to learn more? click here.