Essential Vitamins for Growth of Hair

Earlier, vitamins were considered to be helpful in maintaining of a glossy skin. But now they can also contribute in proper maintenance and growth of hair. Some essential vitamins for hair growth in women and men can be specified in a nutshell as under:

  • Vitamin B1 Also known by the name of Thiamine has been classified to be among the essential vitamins which prevent issues related to thinning of hair. The power of protein creation contributes highly in the growth of thick and healthy hair along with proper texture. Some of the economical food sources rich in vitamin B1 include strawberries, pineapple, soybean, green vegetables, dried beans, whole grains, rice, egg, fish, chicken, red meats and turkey.
  • Vitamin C Deficiency of vitamin C will highly contribute in loss of hair. The comprising of essential antioxidants contributes to convert fats and carbohydrates present in the body to suitable form of energy. This conversion contributes in the developing of healthier hair and skin. Food materials rich in Vitamin C contribute in binding of the tissues together. Some of the essential sources include citrus fruits, potatoes, green peppers and tomatoes.
  • Vitamin E Food items rich in vitamin E are known to be among the recognized sources of vitamins for hair growth. Apart from serving as a healing agent, it plays an important role in enhancing the functionality of the immune system for the purpose of staying healthy. It also enhances the rate of oxygen intake along with enhancing the rate of blood circulation into the scalp.
  • Vitamin A Vitamin A rich food items are known to contribute a lot in preventing the loss of hair. This vitamin is known to produce right amount of sebum that is required by the scalp for encouraging growth of hair along with making them highly stronger from the root. Some of the good sources of vitamin A include milk, fortified cereals, carrots, pumpkin and kale.
  • Vitamin B7 Vitamin B7 is highly involved in the production as well as growth of hair. It assists in utilizing the building blocks of the body to repair and replace dead tissues. It also highly contributes in the making of keratin which is an essential component in building of both nails and hairs.