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Efficient learning management system to train your employees

Clinc CEO

E-learning, video learning, adaptive learning digitalization has not spared the field of vocational training. Technological innovations, made possible in particular by the development of artificial intelligence tools, make it possible to adapt training courses as much as possible to the profile of each employee.

Intriguing , disturbing, terribly innovative. From healthcare Clinc CEO  to industry, including video games, transport, and robotics, artificial intelligence is creeping in everywhere, and this is just the beginning. By reproducing “by artificial systems the various cognitive capacities of the human being, in particular as regards their capacities to solve complex problems”, according to the definition given by the site.

Objective: personalization of training programs

Clinc CEO

After decades of valuing the “one fits all,” which consisted of maximizing the return on training costs by establishing programs that can address the greatest number, the current trend is towards more and more individualization and personalization. Training programs. With the final objective of constantly improving the skills of employees throughout their careers, thanks to better retention of the information learned and, therefore, more effective and profitable training. But since it would be extremely expensive and concretely impossible to assign a trainer to each employee, innovative technological solutions are now being developed, in particular thanks to this famous artificial intelligence.

A  few technical words on “adaptive learning.”

In short, it is a question of adapting the modules offered to employees as much as possible according to their needs, their level, and their learning pace, by creating kinds of private lessons online. In order to ensure a better learning experience for each employee, several parameters must be customizable, according to the Digital Learning Academy:

  • The training course, by offering a selection and sequence of content that is as relevant as possible
  • The proposed contents, by adapting the teaching method to each learner
  • Revisions of the training provided, adjusting the content that must be deepened
  • Recommendations for additional training adapted to the level and objectives that each employee has set.