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Dental amalgam is best solution for tooth decay and damaged cavities

amalgamas dentales

Today, Teeth decay and cavities are the most common dental problem for people which causes the biggest headaches. The best news is that the modern generation can now benefit from advanced dental health technologies which they could never have imagined before.

Today, amalgam is the most popular dental treatment technique. Dental Amalgam treatment has been followed for more than 100 years. Considering its longevity and reliability, it is the method most preferred by patients and dentists alike. Let’s examine this product closely to find out what it is made of.

Amounts of silver, copper, tin, and mercury are found in amalgamas dentales. This adhesive is needed to bind together the other metals, which cannot be powdered. Since it looks like silver, it’s also called a silver filling.

Silver dental amalgams are made using a mixture of several metallic liquids. Mercury is the most questionable among these liquids. There is a possibility that it may be almost half as the amount as silver fillings. A recent study has shown that silver fillings contain higher amounts of mercury than any other source on earth.

Before the dentist fills the tooth cavity, the hardening agent is mixed and then slowly injected into the cavity. Eventually, it becomes very hard, allowing your tooth to be protected from further damage.

amalgamas dentales

There are two reasons why people prefer the said fillings: affordability and longevity. Amalgam is less expensive than other types of fillings for dental cavities, such as porcelain, which is almost twice as expensive.

Dental amalgam is strong and can withstand pressure better, making it last for a long time when properly maintained using hygienic methods when amalgams are on the teeth.

It is for these reasons that amalgamas dentales are the most important contributors to improved dental health. Those who need their dental cavities filled to prevent further damage to their teeth can do so with this procedure since it is less costly and easier to obtain.

The use of this type of  treatment for tooth cavities is a significant advance in the reduction of the number of dental diseases man has been afflicted with since time immemorial. To prevent getting tooth decay and cavities, you must take good care of your dental health.

There is also another type of treatment called porcelain filling which is a more advanced form of a dental filling, but it is quite expensive. If you do not have any money then you can choose the option of Dental amalgam.