D-Box Digital – What is It?

D-Box Digital

Nowadays, the technologies are developing so quickly that to use all the options you could use, you have to spend a lot of money to have the latest technologies.

Have you ever been to an amusement park and see a movie in the theater and has the chair evolved to the rhythm of the movie you are watching? Well, D-BOX Motion Code allows this to happen at home.

D-BOX Motion Code

Some Blu-ray Discs are created with the added “D-BOX Motion Code”. Thanks to this system, you can sit on a special chair and feel some of the movements, bumps, and turns that occur on the screen.

D-BOX Motion Code

To use the D-BOX motion code, you will need some equipment, and it’s not cheap. You can choose to buy a full seat in D-BOX people or “D-BOX activates” your own equipment. First of all, there is a unit that connects to your Blu-ray player/audio system that leads to a box that controls the movement. Secondly, there is the unit itself (the seat or full seat you have activated) in which you sit to enjoy the movie.

In total to enjoy the system, you will need:

            Purchase a dbox digital seat or a separate unit that can provide movement (if you buy the standalone unit, you will also need to do some DIY to place it at the base of your couch/chair)

            Connect the D-BOX controller box to the audio output switch of the Blu-ray player, then continue to the audio setup

            Connect the D-BOX controller housing to the seat or unit (via Ethernet cable)

            Plug the D-BOX seat / standalone unit into the power supply

            Play a Blu-ray encoded with the D-BOX motion code (like the latest X-Files movie)

            I do not have the vertigo of movement easily!

The box creates a movement at the four corners of the seat base and can simulate a lateral inclination, forwards or backward and is very smooth. It is rated as capable of creating 250 lbs of lift in each corner of the unit so that it is quite powerful.


At present, there are not many configured Blu-ray Discs (the latest X-Files movie is a good example) for the system, but they seem to be gaining popularity. If no coding, sometimes there will be downloadable encryption on the manufacturer’s website and otherwise detect low in each scene and provide a system based on it so that it can be used in the movement in many ways.