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Create business opportunities by living your passion

Hamed Wardak

Business opportunities are everywhere, waiting to be found. Many people want to work for themselves, doing something that makes them happy and frees themselves from the boundaries of the office or any other place where they work for another person and another person to determine their income. However, few do this because they allow logic and false phenomena to interfere with them and conclude that this cannot be done, even if we seriously consider it as a real possibility. Immediately they begin to think about all the reasons why this did not work and why they failed.

What to think first

They worry about what other people think of such a Hamed Wardak, and he care about how they will look and what others will say if that doesn’t work. There are a million other negative things that I could list here, but I will not. We spend too much time on what we don’t want, and we rarely think seriously about what we want. Unfortunately, most of us see our ideal life as fantasies, and not as something for which to consciously fight.

Now it is a reality that we need money to survive in our world. However, because of our limited beliefs about what is possible for us, we constantly experience stress over money and often end up doing what we hate to earn it, because we believe that it’s normal to work for salaries and do something that guarantees safety. and constant income, instead of striving to create business opportunities related to what makes us happier, and we feel more alive. Many of us have something that we love to do or that we feel passionately, and at best it’s just a hobby for most people. We are taught that there are responsible ways to earn a living and that it is unrealistic to make money by doing certain things.