Coffee Plantation: Impact on the Environment

Due to the output driven production, a humongous effort of forest clearing is taking place in order to do sun cultivation. We are already in trouble with global warming and these activities are simply giving a call to a big natural calamity. We are losing a large number of our green friends every day, harming ourselves more, and more in this way. Check out this useful content for more information.

The customary process of growing coffee requires a shade of a canopy or a tree. However, the latest techniques that are applied in order to receive the highest production of coffee beans are not good for the animals at all. The basic fauna is now being replaced in order to build up sun farming also requires a higher use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This is leading to a growing number of extinct animals.

How it effect Workers

Irrespective of being the second most desired commodity of the world after natural oil and gas, scientific studies don’t consider coffee as an environment-friendly substance.

If we talk about the workers, they are not really able to earn a handsome amount even after a prolonged hard work and a primary issue always remains, that is the transparency. It’s not a surprising fact that giant coffee brands such as Costa and more actually preserve a monopoly over the market.

If we talk about the coffee farmers, especially of underdeveloped countries, they are able to manage just nine per cent of the total value of the retail price, which is extremely low. In case of adverse weather condition, it decreases to minimal to zero income. It might sound surprising but actually, it’s a bitter truth.



We don’t need to stop the consumption of coffee, we just need to show a little awareness. In order to stay away from the adverse health effects, we just need to minimize the consumption of the product.  Moreover, the rest effects like on environment and workers require a bit of attention. In order to help them out, go for a certified coffee brand that runs with fair trade policy.  These companies have fair wage policies for their workers and investing in such companies is always correct ethically. You can also go for Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee brands available in the market. These kinds of brands have a keen focus on the environmental effects and they arrange the system of the production accordingly.

Adding a little consciousness in your thought may save you from several health effects. We can surely do so to stay healthy. Apart from that, a little awareness of us can give the sweat-shopped farmers a great piece when they receive what they deserve against their hard work. Also, we should take care of sustainable coffee planting that doesn’t harm our environment and by doing this, we will be able to secure a better future for our next generation. Stay healthy and be a contributor of happiness to those who are in need. The more conscious you are, the  more responsible you are. This is the basic requirement in order to build up a sustainable development chain. Hope this article helps!