Clinc – Improving the Lives of Humans

Machine Learning

Clinc was founded in the year 2015. It is a private type of company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence. As of 2020, it has a total funding of $59.8 million. The last financing was last year, and the funding size was $52 million. The company had gone a long way from 2015 when they first started at $250 thousand. Some of the investors of Clinc that have helped the company are Hyde Park Venture Partners, DFJ Growth, Drive Capital, eLab Ventures, Cahoots, Stuart Porter, and Insight Partners.

The company partnered with Visa to deliver customers with conversational AI and voice capabilities to the bank’s customers. The company was established by Clinc CEO and Co-founder Jason Mars, alongside several like-minded people.

Lucida – Clinc’s Successful Intelligent Assistant

If you are ever in need of help when it comes to artificial intelligence, Clinc is a company that is willing to provide you these services. It is the same company that built Lucida, founded by professors from the University of Michigan. Lucida is an intelligent open-source assistant and research platform being used all over the world for both research and production systems. It is a platform that is mobile and voice-activated that enables instant answers for more common and complex questions.

The system is designed to allow developers to create personalized voice and vision-based intelligent assistants useful to society, such as improving the technology advancements for disabled and non-profit education.

Where are the Various Locations of Clinc and Who are the People Behind this Company?

In the past five years, ever since 2015, Clinc has grown far and wide. Right now, they have three locations across two countries. The main headquarters is currently in 206 E Huron St. Fl 2, Ann Arbor, MI, United States. Another site is in San Francisco, Ca, US. And the last office location is at 10 Jintong W Rd, Guo Mao, Chaoyang Qu, China.

Machine Learning

Here are the people and Key Executive Team behind Clinc:

  1. CEO & Co-Founder – Jason Mars
  2. Co-Founder & CSO – Lingjia Tiang
  3. Co-Founder & VP Engineering – Johann Hauswald
  4. Co-Founder & CTO – Michael Laurenzano

Top Competitors of Clinc

Niphelai is a fintech company that was established in the year 2018. It is also a private company, the same as Clinc. They also offer machine learning, fintech, and artificial intelligence. They currently have four total employees.

Goals101 is a private type company that develops big data platform. It was founded in the year 2016, just one year after Clinc. They have six locations, with their headquarters being in New Delhi, India. The rest of their offices are at Nairobi, Kenya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Doha, Qatar, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The third competitor is I Know First. It is also a private company that does financial technology. It provides a daily investment forecast, which is based on a self-learning algorithm. This company was established last 2011. They currently have 20 employees, and the headquarters ‘ location is in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.

The last competitor is Kavout, which is a private company established in 2015. Kavout is also a financial technology company, the same as I Know First. They specialize in intelligence-driven platforms built for investors. Kavout currently has 16 employees and two locations. Its headquarters is in Seattle, US, and the second location is in Bellevue, US.